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Leadership by serving builds trusted teams

Updated: Feb 9

A leader is not one who just gives orders; they are the ones that inspire, guide and support their team to achieve success. Trust is an essential element between a leader and their team, and it fosters collaboration and productivity. But how can a leader gain the trust of their team? Here are some qualities that a leader should have to earn the trust of those they lead, including sacrifice:

  1. Empathy: A leader should have the ability to understand and relate to the emotions, struggles, and accomplishments of their team members.

  2. Transparency: A leader should have an honest and open communication with their team. This means that they should readily share information, good or bad, and ensure that their team is informed.

  3. Consistency: A leader should be consistent in their decision-making, actions, and behavior towards their team, as inconsistency can lead to uncertainty and doubt.

  4. Reliability: A leader should be dependable and keep their promises. They should follow up and follow through on tasks and decisions.

  5. Accountability: A leader should take responsibility for their actions and decisions, and also hold themselves accountable for the actions of their team.

  6. Sacrifice: A leader should be willing to make personal sacrifices that are necessary for the benefit of their team and organization. Sometimes this means taking on extra work, or addressing difficult issues that may not be popular or easy.

These are just a few qualities that can help a leader earn the trust of their team. Sacrifice, in particular, is often necessary to show the team that the leader is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success. When a leader displays these qualities consistently, they will foster trust amongst their team and build a better workplace culture that breeds success.


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