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Agile Organizations: Principles over Frameworks

Updated: Feb 9

Agile organizations often prioritize frameworks over principles, hindering true agility. While frameworks offer structure, they can become rigid and limit innovation. In contrast, principles provide guiding beliefs that empower teams to adapt and respond to change.

The Pitfall of Framework-driven Agility

  • Checklist mentality

  • Superficial adoption of Agile

  • Rigid and inflexible over time

  • Hinders innovation and restricts creativity

The Power of Guiding Principles

  • Shape decision-making and behavior

  • Adapt and respond to change

  • Maintain focus on delivering value

  • Customer collaboration, responding to change, embracing simplicity, self-organizing teams

Crafting Agile Principles

  • Inclusivity: Involve all stakeholders

  • Simplicity: Keep principles concise and easy to understand

  • Relevance: Link principles to values and goals

  • Flexibility: Allow for adaptation and evolution

  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly review and refine principles

Striking a Balance

  • Frameworks as a tool to support principles

  • Adoption, adaptation, and discarding as needed

  • Emphasize principles over blindly following frameworks

By prioritizing principles over frameworks, organizations foster a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and adaptability. Agile principles provide a solid foundation for teams to embrace the agile and unleash their full potential for success.


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