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The Scrum Master as a Companion in Suffering: Supporting Teams Through Difficult Times

Updated: Feb 9

The role of the Scrum Master goes beyond frameworks and delivery. They can be a companion in suffering with the team during challenging times.

Understanding the Team's Challenges:

Scrum Masters need to empathize with and understand the team's pain points. Active listening and being available are key to supporting the team.

Building Stronger Bonds:

Being a companion in suffering fosters stronger relationships between the Scrum Master and the team. Feeling heard and understood is important for team members.

Taking Action and Finding Solutions:

Scrum Masters should take action on the team's challenges. This can involve identifying root causes, implementing preventive measures, and working closely with the team to find solutions.

Being a companion in suffering reinforces the Scrum Master's role in ensuring the team's success. It leads to stronger relationships and the ability to overcome challenges together.


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