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The 8 Stances of a Scrum Master

Updated: May 17, 2023

Recently a friend sent me an article titled "8 Stances of a Scrum Master", and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The article outlines the key roles that a Scrum Master should adopt to effectively support their team.

First and foremost, a Scrum Master should act as a facilitator to ensure that meetings and discussions are productive and engaging. They should also be a coach, providing guidance and support to team members in developing their skills.

The Scrum Master should prioritize the needs of the team over their own and help them to achieve their goals as a servant leader. They should also be a change agent, encouraging the team to embrace change and continuously improve their processes and practices.

The Scrum Master must be able to navigate and resolve conflicts in a constructive manner as a conflict navigator and identify and address obstacles that may be hindering the team's progress as a problem solver.

Furthermore, as a facilitative decision-maker, the Scrum Master should guide the team through decision-making processes to ensure informed choices that align with their goals and values. Finally, as an Agile practitioner, they should stay up-to-date with the latest methodologies and best practices and continuously improve their own skills and knowledge.

Overall, I found this article to be insightful and informative. It provides a valuable guide for Scrum Masters to effectively support their team, promote collaboration, and help the team achieve success in their Agile transformation journey.

The 8 Stances of a Scrum Master Whitepaper v2_0
Download PDF • 1.27MB


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