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Maybe Scrum Leader is more appropriate

Changing the Title from Scrum Master to Scrum Leader

Scrum is a widely used framework for agile software development that emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, and continuous improvement. One of the key roles in a Scrum team is the Scrum Master, who is responsible for ensuring that the team is following the Scrum framework and facilitating communication and collaboration among team members. However, some organizations are beginning to move away from the title of Scrum Master and instead use the title of Scrum Leader.

Why Change the Title?

The term "master" has a connotation of dominance or control, which is not in line with the collaborative and flexible nature of Scrum. Additionally, the term "master" can be seen as exclusionary or insensitive to those who may have experienced oppression or discrimination based on their race, gender, or other factors. The term "leader" is more inclusive and emphasizes the role of the Scrum team as a whole in achieving success.

What Does a Scrum Leader Do?

A Scrum Leader performs many of the same functions as a Scrum Master, including facilitating meetings, removing obstacles, and ensuring that the team is following the Scrum framework. However, the emphasis is on leadership rather than mastery. A Scrum Leader is responsible for creating a culture of collaboration, trust, and continuous improvement within the team. They encourage team members to take ownership of their work and to continuously seek ways to improve their processes and outcomes.

Making the Transition

If your organization is considering changing the title of Scrum Master to Scrum Leader, it is important to communicate the reasons for the change to the team. Some team members may be resistant to the change, so it is important to emphasize the inclusive and collaborative nature of the new title. Additionally, it may be helpful to provide training or resources to help team members understand the new role and responsibilities of a Scrum Leader.


As Scrum continues to evolve and adapt to different organizational cultures and contexts, it is important to consider the language and terminology used to describe roles within the framework. Changing the title of Scrum Master to Scrum Leader is one small step towards creating a more inclusive and collaborative environment within Scrum teams.

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